The Smartphone

Posted by ledbulbs on November 29, 2018

Its 3G capabilities allow the user to enjoy high speed connectivity on their handset as well as 3G HSDPA & HSUPA support. This bar style designed handset weighs ninety eight grams in total & its overall dimensions provide the user with a slim & compact handset which is pocket friendly allowing the user to store their handset in their pocket when not in use.

The Smartphone has a rechargeable battery which is neatly fitted into the phone & can be recharged using the mains adapter. It comes with an extendible memory card slot which allows the user to insert a compatible memory card into the memory card slot to extend the phones memory further, as the handset has a built in memory capacity of one gigabyte. The user of this 3G Smartphone can select & use either a business or personal home screen mode depending on the user requirements, which is a useful screen feature for the user to enjoy.A slim bar shaped Smartphone complete with high quality communication features makes the Nokia E52 such an impressive handset. This battery can provide approximately Wholesalers LED Panel Light 8 hours of GSM talk time or 6 hours of 3G talk time or even up to 672 hours of GSM standby battery time. A memory card can be inserted which supports up to sixteen gigabytes of external memory. This Nokia Smartphone supports WLAN Wi-Fi connectivity allowing the user to gain a cable free Internet connection between their Nokia E52 & a close by wireless LAN or hotspot connection.4 Inches when measured diagonally complete with a screen resolution of 320 pixels by 240 pixels.

The E52 supports a Symbian operating system complete with series S60 software. Its casing has an aluminium finish & comes in a golden colour or metal grey colour, which both give an elegant look to this stylish handset. The Nokia E52 comes with an A GPS navigation feature complete with built in compass & this handset supports a Nokia Maps application. This handset is packed full of technologies to make mobile communication easier for its user including easy to use connectivity options such as USB connectivity & Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as EDGE support which provides high speed transfer rates when transferring files.
.The Nokia E52 has a large colour screen which has a QVGA display which measures 2. This handset is a quad band GSM network handset which also works over a HSDPA 900 & 2100 network.